An Unbelievable Transformation !

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The Day Was  July 7, 1998. A Witness of A Unique Transformation of An Intellectual Atheist!
The Place was Lenoxhill Hospital, New York. (

Dr. Subramanian, A Renowned By-pass Surgeon (Indian Born) & The Head of The Department of The Hospital Operated The Bypass Surgery of H.D.H. Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

Thousands of People have felt A Global Environment of Pure devotion on that day.All Devotees from approx. more than 8500 worldwide centers of BAPS gathered at respective mandirs to join the prayer before God for successful surgery & a long life of their one & only life like legend-Swamiji.Though This Surgery Was Not Just A Bypass Surgery, It was a story of An Unbelievable Transformation of a master-mind man Dr. Valavanur Subramanian.He Is Pure atheist (without any adulteration!) & Never Believe In Anything Even In The Existence of God.He Only & Strongly Believes In The KARMA…”Do Your Duty” which message was gifted to him by his father.On The Day, He’s Going To Operate Heart of The Very Unique Personality Whose Thought is enough to blossom The Existence of God in Everyone’s Heart.
Without Any Other Description, Let’s witness The First Word About That Moment from The Doctor only who actually felt that : Dr. Subramanian Him Self Speaks:

Before I Touch The Heart Of Pramukh Swamiji, He Touched My Heart. Then I Cant Oppose The Existence Of God, Because God himself Is In My Operation Theatre With Only Divine Light Rays Of God, My Theater Was Full Of.. 

You’ll Surely Ask, How Was The Experience To Touch The Hearts – Because Heart is Full Of Feelings, A Sign Of Love But All Days, As I work 21 hours a day, it’s normal for me to hold the heart of any patient. There’s no special feelings in my heart. The Doctors prepared all Pre-Surgery operations & the only thing I’ve to done is to hold the heart & just bypass the valve, A Pure Surgery & Nothing Else. But When I’m holding the heart of him, it was really a unique experience, no words can describe.” On 6 September 1998 an assembly was held at Westchester County Center to honor Dr. Subramanian and his team of doctors and specialists. In his address he said:“Lord Swaminarayan descended on us at Lenox Hill Hospital to bless us to be able to help Swamiji in his bypass surgery… Swamiji was an extraordinary person for me to meet. Everyday after the bypass surgery, I would go to visit him. It was like seeing God everyday!”During the Fuldol Festival at Sarangpur on 2 March 1999, Dr. Subramanian said:“God’s greatest gift to me, Lord Swaminarayan’s greatest gift to me, was in July last year when I operated on Pramukhji. It was a divine moment when I met Pramukhji for the first time. Two things impressed me when I met Pramukhji and which my father taught me. The first is karma – do your duty. The second is that we are born to give…”A Life.. A World Best Surgeon.. transformed..The Man Who was (was, of-course now!) Pure Atheist,  who has not have any image, any statue, nothing of God in His office, told his assistant to put an Image Of Pramukh Swami Maharaj In His Office & Till Today His office is witness that He starts his each day by worshiping & praying to Swamishri with bottom of his heart for peace & success before the Only Image in His Office.A Question arise in Mind.. Who is patient Here? & Who is The Doctor?Dr. Subramanian Operated Bypass Surgery On Patient-Pramukh Swami Maharaj?orDr. Pramukh Swami maharaj operated A Surgery to Sunshine the ultimate faith in God On Patiend V-Subramanian?YOU DECIDE.But It’s Sure That The Most Intellectual Surgeon cant be wrong..

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